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Kansas Child Support Guidelines

New Kansas child support guidelines went into effect in April 2012 after approval by the Kansas Supreme Court. Here are some of the highlights. The “Equal Parenting Time Formula” was revised significantly. The 20 percent parenting time adjustment for equal time-sharing (without expense sharing) was eliminated. A surcharge of 13 percent to 18 percent was imposed on the non-expense sharing equal time parent.  New support schedules were implemented that, overall, increased levels of support. Now, incarceration and/or job loss for misconduct can no longer be grounds for modifying child support obligations. A numeric standard for the apportionment of birth expenses Read more

Kansas Dads Have Filed 7,613 Unfair Child Support Laws Petitions

Dads from Kansas and throughout the country have been petitioning through Petition2Congress.com for several years to have the many unfair aspects of child support laws addressed. Of the 7,613 unfair Kansas child support laws petitions filed as of September 2013, here are examples of two dads from Kansas and their complaints: Wilbert G. from Fort Riley, Kan., writes: “I don’t think it’s fair that my entitlements from the military are included in my child support. I believe that is for my household and shouldn’t be used in the child support calculations.” Another unhappy dad, Brandon T. from Topeka, Kan., writes: Read more

Hiring A Kansas Divorce Lawyer

Cordell & Cordell Overland Park, Kansas divorce lawyer Shea Stevens explains the circumstances in a divorce case that would prompt the need to hire a family law attorney.

Kansas Child Support Laws Updates

Kansas child support is determined by a set formula set up by the Kansas family courts. The Kansas Judicial Branch updated its child support guidelines on April 1, 2012. These new guidelines are based upon many factors, including the number of children in the family, the length of time that each child spends with each parent, the income of each parent, income tax considerations, the parents’ expenses and other relevant factors. Fortunately, once the parents fill out their child support forms, there is software for accurately and efficiently crunching all these numbers. Part of a Kansas divorce lawyer’s job is Read more

Can my ex move my child out of state without my permission?

There is one particular Kansas statute that appears on the surface to uphold fathers rights to access to their children, but upon further inspection reveals an alarming lack of respect for Kansas fathers’ rights. The law requires the custodial parent (usually the mother) to give written notice to the non-custodial parent (usually the father) at least 30 days in advance of relocating the residence of the child, such as a move out of state. Failure to do so is an indirect civil contempt punishable by law and includes awarding of attorney fees and expenses incurred by failing to give proper Read more

Kansas Divorce: Understanding the Basics

Divorce and Marriage Dissolution in Kansas In Kansas, in order to begin a case for divorce, one of the parties must have been an actual resident of Kansas for at least sixty (60) days immediately preceding the date the Petition for Divorce was filed K.S.A. § 60-1601(a). A Petition for Divorce may be filed in the county in which the petitioner is an actual resident, the county in which the respondent is an actual resident, the county in which the respondent can be served with process; or, if the petitioner is a resident of or stationed at a U.S. military post, Read more